Something different

I saw an image from John Scottowe's Alphabet books online, I can't remember who posted it but it was love at first sight as far as I was concerned. Finding online examples to work from wasn't all that easy though some of the pages from the book can be seen here.  I wanted to try this style because while it is quite late it is also gorgeous in its simplicity and elegance.

I used a much bigger sized font than I normally would but I didn't compensate with the right nib size so it looks off to me, plus  this actual hand needs work on my side as well. Now, I would space the letters tighter together and go up a nib size as well as deal with the line spacing differently but at the time this was a 1st of and sort of an experiment for me to go out of my comfort zone and try something new. Over all I'm really happy with how the main initial worked out, I'd do this style again in a heartbeat but I would definitely find a different hand and clean it up a lot more.

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