an AoA for Robin

My dearest friend Mistress Honor, while we were talking about backlogs stuff one day, let it slip that her son and one of my dearest SCA siblings, did not ever get a proper AoA. It was a slip of paper with something scribbled on it to that effect but no real scroll. As a gift I decided to make him one.

Robin is an awesome human being and I do mean awesome. Kind, sweet, funny and generous. He was my vigil guard and he is and always will be part of my SCA family. I have gifts from him sitting on  my desk as I write this, he, along with his family, are always near my heart even thought hey are now far away.

It's a fairly simple piece, the inspiration for the main miniature is in reality quite small ( I'll have to dig up the example) but it made a great focus design, and in the majuscule I have added Lucy and the crow since these two little critters were on pretty well every scroll I did during Robin's parents' reign.

Watercolour and gouache on watercolour paper, with oak gall ink. It's a simple, elegant straightforward piece and I'm more than happy with how it turned out. I think I would have done something more with the second smaller capital letter but then again maybe not. Sometimes it's better to not over work a piece but rather leave it be simple.

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