Sigillum Coronae for Katheryn

This scroll was done for a really fabulous woman and close friend. It's very small and it's part of a collection of examples I did from this book. A model book for scribes by Gregorius Bock, ca. 1510-1517.

I had the initial D already done but I personalised it by painting a small portrait of Mistress Katheryn in it, wearing her German ren garb holding "thingy".

Done on pergamenata, I used Rohrer & Klingner eisen gallus tinte Salix which gives a lovely faded blue hue which will eventually darken over time. Pens and brushes with ink and ink wash. It's a very simple and understated scroll but something I thought the recipient would like because we're always talking about different styles and making things to match the persona / person. 

I wish the calligraphy were better but it was never my strong point so every single scroll I do takes me a step closer to getting better at it.  I'm a firm believer in practice makes one better and since I swore I'd never touch calligraphy I guess I do okay at it. I like this style a lot and now that I have real calf parchment to play with I think I will try it again.