peer scroll #2

After Mistress Caitrin's scroll I was asked to do one for Master Bertrik. You can see that I was improving with layout, text and images are tighter now, as is the calligraphy. At this point I still have not discovered the Ames lettering guide so I'm still drawing my lines out with just a ruler and I never managed to get them quite even. This is water colour and gouache on paper. And it's modelled after French illumination, which is my favourite style, all fancy, pretty illumination. There are things still not quite right, especially the capital letter and the lack of black outlines to make the gold pop out and I was still using too much red ink for my tastes.

It's a joy though, to do a scroll for someone I really care about and love. Master B is one of these people. When I first started out in Drachenwald he was one of the peers who really talked to me as a normal person, listened to me and in many ways became a surrogate Master because mine was so very far away it made simple face to face chats difficult. I think he helped shaped my journey in a very positive way. It was nice to be able to do this for him and I was pleased with the miniature.

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