the backlog project

At some point it became clear that Drachenwald has a huge backlog issue so myself and my partner in crime then known as Maeva asked if we could help. With Signe and Master Terafan's help we began that Backlog project. We would receive assignments in bulk and work our way through them. We worked to a sort of style sheet he set out on Pergamenata. I can't for the life of me recall where we got the paper from but we started out with white and we experimented with dying it with tea to make it look old-ish ( yeah I know right doh!) I cannot recall how many scrolls we did but it was A LOT.

At one event we brought the box completed and signed and the King, Matthew I think, after feast, read the names out one after the other until it became a populace competition to call out which scribe had done what scroll. While Mi and I have similar styles our work is very distinctive so it was a very funny game and at the end of it we got paid in shiny coin of the realm.

This was great practice and one can see the progression of skill gets better as we went along. This was one of the most fun times I had with scribe stuff and I miss my scribe partner in crime who has long since also been elevated to the order of the Laurel as well. You can learn more about her here.

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