1st assignments...

There's nothing quite so exciting as getting a real assignment especially when it is for people you know.

The 1st scroll was too big to fit on the scanner so it's in two parts. It was Maeva's AoA, this incidentally was the 2nd try the 1st one failed on so many levels, I will try to dig out a photo some time if I can find one. I wanted to tell her SCA story on her scroll so it's not overly period but it is very personalized. Water colour on Bristol board ( I think)

The second scroll is tiny because it was based on a page from The Hours of Jeanne d'Evreux. It was the first time I'd really tried to copy a period piece more or less and at the time I was very happy with it. 

One can see all the page elements are there and the calligraphy while far from perfect is beginning to tighten and pull more together.  It is the beginning of when I first began to see what I was doing rather than just sort of shove elements together and hope for the best. I start to notice the patterns and the way the fit together. Not saying I did anything about this but I began to see them and that was a big leap forward.


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