Sigillum past.


As far as awards go Drachenwald, as a kingdom, does not have a great many. The Sigillum Coronae, as it used to be called, was a non armiguous award given out by the king and or queen at the end of their reign. It was a way to say thank you for service.

Sigillum Coronae
The Sigillum is give by the King or the Queen, (formerly by the Prince or Princess), or by both of them together. This is shown in the name. When it says "Sigillum Coronae" only, it is unclear who has given the award.
The Sigillum are awarded for personal service to the Crown(s) that far exceeds any expected measure.  The number given during a reign is generally limited to three. This award can be received more than once.  The many variations and their badges are:
  • Sigillum Coronae King - A black dragon's head charged with the sigils of the King bestowing it
  • Sigillum Coronae Queen - A white edelweiss charged with the sigils of the Queen bestowing it
  • Sigillum Coronae King and Queen - A white edelweiss surmounted by a black dragon's head bearing the sigils of the Crown bestowing it.
  • formerly Sigillum Principae
  • formerly Sigillum Principessa
  • formerly Sigillum Principis
This award has since changed somewhat and is no longer known by this name.*for more info on this you can see sara's comment.

I loved to do these awards in a very simple style, making it more about the person than the text as we tended to use a very standardized set of texts it got pretty boring pretty quickly to write the same thing over and over.  I liked to paint a miniature as the blingy bit and a simple illuminated capital letter. There are various sources that I used as inspiration but the primaryone was a day book featuring medieval women.

These are all done on pergamenata with watercolours and gouche, which by this time i had bought. I was also using dip pens ( tape/Hiro nibs) and Mont Blanc / Windsor and Newton ink. I still had not really gotten past my fear of gilding so I was still using mainly gold paint by Schminke. I was still learning about spacing but you can see where the text has tightened up a lot from when i began and the hand I was learning has improved significantly.


  1. The only real change to the name was to correct the grammar -- it's now "sigillum regis" for the king's, "sigillum reginae" for the queen's, and "sigillum regis et reginae" or "sigillum coronae" for the joint one (both are appropriate).