Gift for Sebastian

This is an absolutely awful reproduction but sadly it is the only one I can find. One year i made people presents in the form of art and this was the one I did for my super cool boyfriend then eventually ( after we went through all that ikky breakup crap) super cool friend.

Not sure what to say about it really, it's small, watercolours on watercolour paper and it had some of my first ever gold leaf on it which means by this time I must have been Master Harold's apprentice as he was the one who had given me the leaf and the gesso ( I think). The idea came from a party and Seb's somewhat interesting dress choices. He made the entire outfit himself by the way and it was spiffy as all hell.

Sebastian, Foxworthy, Barnabas my House brothers

When I look at this little scroll I see that I was progressing. I sort of had the right calligraphy with the sight sort of illumination. I can remember having very heated arguments with people ( probably also my Master) about the combination of uncial with Gothic illumination. My stance was that if they had it to see it then they could have used it vs no this is not how it was done. Oddly enough years later I find myself having this very same argument with new scribes only now I'm on the other side of the line.

The text is from The Archpoet (ca. 1130–ca. 1165)

The Latin:
Meum est propositum in taberna mori,
ut sint vina proxima morientis ori.
tunc cantabunt letius angelorum chori:
"Sit Deus propitius huic potatori."

The English literal translation:

My purpose is to die in a tavern,
so that wine might be close to my dying mouth.
Then a choir of angels will happily sing,
"May God be merciful toward this drinker."

As I have said we partied a lot.

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