CFA: Emerys

Ar n-Elean-ne was a pretty damned isolated shire. We didn't get many visitors so when we did we made a big fuss, organized an event etc.... One of the cooler things was the Come From Away award, better known as the CFA award. We made small beach pebbles into broaches with a silver A painted on them and handed out a scroll. As far as I remember this one was the first done for Sir Emrys Hawkwind. If I look at it the date is all screwy and should be AS 23 but of course this was in the days before the mighty internet or google and it was hard to go to the local library and ask them what year it was by SCA reckoning.

It's a simple piece done on that awful parchment like paper your laurel warned you about, painted with my usual paints and probably the parker pen again, I don't really remember using dip pens until much later. 

As you can see I used the Celtic uncial hand which was all I knew how to do at the time and added some random illumination that I thought looked good. I'm pretty sure that somewhere on this scroll it says yom tee buckety...which eventually became an in joke but happened because Emrys, who was very funny, sang a song ( over and over again) which had this line in it and sent us all into hysterics. Did I mention that post revs in Newfoundland usually happened in someone's kitchen and involved a lot of booze.

I still rather like this little scroll ( it's 8.5" x 10"). I like its simplicity and I was very happy with how the rose turned out.

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