colour, a lindquistringes for Siobhan

Every now and then one gets to create a scroll for a really good friend. If one is really lucky before have there has been some discussion on what that person likes. This was the case for Countess Siobhan, we had discussed scrolls to some length, what she liked and what, should she ever get another scroll, she would like to have. One of the things that was mention was colour and prettiness. In her own words she is a girly girl and she loves romantic and beautiful. When the word came for her Lindquistringe, an award for service, I already had a good idea of what I would do.

From the book Illuminated Manuscripts and their Makers by Rowan Watson I found a border that was just perfect. The rest I had to sort of guess at but it's pretty straight forward to continue the theme.

The end result was a lovely scroll full of colour and bling for a wonderful person.

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