A scribe can work anywhere: Gerhardt's Knight scroll

 One of the things I really enjoy about the scribal arts is that they are very portable. I have a box that I keep as a "travel kit"  and it goes with me to most events 'just in case'.  In it I keep paints,inks, a mixing tray, a self made box with all my tools ( pens, nibs, templates, pencils, ames guides etc...) I also keep an A4 drafting board and some reference material as well as paper. It's small, portable and doubles as a table or a book holder. It means that when ever we go someplace if I have work to do I can do it as long as I have a flat surface to work on and access to water.

I don't remember the story behind why I ended up with the assignment for Gerhardt's scroll ( though I'm sure if I dig through my emails I can figure that out)  but it was backlogged. I do know I was working on it and some other things while we were staying in a hotel just outside Nuremberg. It was a sort of apartment place and the owner set us up in a large basement apartment which was fine for working on scrolls. Table and a tv. I started it at home and just had to finish it at the hotel because while painting and drawing can be done anywhere laying down gold leaf ...not so much.

For a scroll not done in my usual work space I was pleased with how it turned out.

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