The Mistress and the Maccelsfield: apprenticship contracts

It seems to me that it's a pretty medieval thing to be commissioned to do a contract scroll between a Master and apprentice or in this case Mistress and apprentice. It is especially cool to do this in a different language especially one I really am clueless about. In this case Finnish.

For this piece I used the very popular Macclesfield Alphabet Book. A lot of scribes here use examples from it because they are so well presented and so easy to follow that why the heck not?  This piece was done to fairly exacting instructions, with the very large letters in the middle of the document providing the cutting line. The idea was that the way the contract would be cut meant that it was like two halves of a very unique little puzzle. Once cut eventually the two halves could be matched up to prove authenticity. It was a way to avoid cheats.

This was a LOT of fun and I was paid by way of trade, a bone nälbinding needle. I probably should have bargained for lessons as well but I'm sure I can work out something with someone eventually. I really enjoy doing things like this, out of the ordinary but somehow magical too.

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