The book for John and Honor



The idea of creating small books for people delights me so I decided to make another one for Sir John and Mistress Honor when they were on the throne. Honor had been instrumental in keeping me sane after the disastrous first term as signet dealing with a King we not so affectionately call The Backlog King. I wanted to do something nice for them both. I decided on a kind of book of achievements and went from there. This book is a lot smaller than the 1st one and because by this time Mi had left the kingdom to be with the love of her life I was sort of flying solo.

The book is done on Fabriano rag paper for printing, It's bound to soft leather using ketten and long stitch with the long stitches woven together for strength. It's painted with water colour and gouache, and the ink is oak-gall. Lucy (the wonder dog) is a prominent feature.

The little embroidered bag was done by Meisterinne/ countess Eleanora because she had to be in on the fun. This is some of her 1st embroidery ever. I really enjoy projects that also involve other people in the fun.

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