PCS variations on a theme

BL ADD MS.54782, FOL126



I love this image. It's perfect for PCS scrolls. PCS is an award given out in Drachenwald when you are leaving the Kingdom and moving somewhere else. It stands for Permanent change of station and because, at the beginning of time, Drachenwald was mostly held together by US military people this was a way of remembering the remarkable kingdom the were leaving and tied it into something familiar.

This is one image I do tend to copy and each time I get better at it. The 1st example is a PCS for Master Jonathan Blaecstan. We did a swap, he did my Order of the Troubadour for me and I did his PCS. The second one was done for THL Jean Fernald de Savigny. 

Placed next to each other you can see the progression as I get better at what I do, as I study the art and try to get more and more of the elements correct.

Doing a PCS scroll is bitter sweet. It's saying goodbye, often to REALLY good friends, to people we've come to love and cherish. I guess there is no better way to do this than with art. 

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