Marque my words...

This was a private commission for two dear dear friends. It's a massive letter allowing Gottfried to have his own armies. It was written by Agilmar and he asked me to scribe it. It's in German and when read out loud it's hilarious.

This is a big piece almost A2, done on Fabriano rag, print maker's paper, with oak-gall ink. It took ages but was so worth it.

Funny thing was that about 2 years ago I was asked to do it again so that G could have a copy to take with him in a period leather roll to show that yes he is allowed to mass his own army. The second one, for which I don't have any pictures, was roughly the same size but done on pergamenata which is way more durable.

This is the fun thing about being a scribe. Every now and then you get to do non award stuff for the fun of it. I was happy with the calligraphy but would have liked to have done a better job on the cap letter both times actually. I must practice my cadel work and now I have a couple of nifty books which should help me to do so.

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