Albion for Bertik

It is always a treat to be asked to do a scroll for a friend and this one was special. I've talked about the Albion before in a previous post so no need to get into it again but unlike the last time where I had a Swedish text and no experience this time I had more experience and the standard English text to go by. It felt a bit thin to me. It doesn't say much really so I had the bright idea of not only presenting the actual scroll text on the scroll but also writing out the whole story.

So here you can see on an A3(ish) size of Fabriano the entire story of Albion then in the middle at the bottom the actual text to the scroll. The images are self explanatory, Albion before he gave his life away and after. The middle miniature is Master Bertrik and King John. At the very bottom I added Queen Honor because she and Master B are very good friends and I thought it would be nice if she were a part of this too even though this award is given out only by the King. The dog, Lucy, was a part of almost every scroll I did for their reign, a sort of signature and anyone who knew Lucy knew how awesome she was.

I tend to personalize my scrolls a lot, adding little jokes or in secrets to them through marginalia or hidden in the miniatures, if there is an open book on the scroll chances are there is a message written in teeny weeny on it. At this point I wasn't using my maker's mark all the time yet but usually there was a crow or a rook on the scroll either on the front or the back. 

Watercolours and gouache on Fabriano rag print maker's paper with oak gall ink and W&N red calligraphy ink. By this point I'm using a size 1 or 1.5 TAPE/Hiro nib.

Apologies for the two washed out images I used a flash big mistake.

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